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                Injection mold industry is eliminated Enterprise management needs to follow up
                Time2016/3/7 8:18:18

                    Survival of the fittest, not those out, the principle also applies to the theory of evolution rules of survival between enterprises. Jungle, behind every person has eliminated a variety of reasons, but fundamental research, roughly the same reason, in business terms, management is perhaps fundamental.
                    Since last year, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Zhejiang and other areas has a lot of mold, injection molding companies were eliminated. Why is there a lot of mold companies, enterprises injection occurs collapse phenomenon? Stakeholders of these companies out of the injection of a large number of field survey found that these enterprises have closed down injection common characteristics, but also the cause of its collapse surprisingly similar. 
                    Analysis found that injection was eliminated in the enterprise, its mold technology and management level is very backward, has been empirically work, followed by back problems run; their business ideas twenty years have not changed, chaotic management, production efficiency low material consumption large seats manpower, high cost of production.
                    Its injection mold parts quality and delivery is often not up to the requirements of customers, mold, injection molding production order to gradually reduce; the use of molds, injection molds and injection molding machine, maintenance, low maintenance awareness, mold production process fault / equipment failure and more, stop machine repair, maintenance mode frequently; the mold, injection molding mistaken for labor-intensive industries to operate, relying on cheap labor to be maintained; these molds, injection molding business to new technology, new materials, new equipment, new utility not pay enough attention, not with the times, leading to decline in the competitiveness of enterprises; focus on learning not die, injection technology knowledge management and personnel training, low sense of learning, the concept behind (without learning is equivalent to choose backward), lack of core competitiveness .
                    Closure mold, injection molding companies are done ten years, twenty years "old" enterprises, opinionated, lazy; vocational skills training for mold, injection technology / management staff do not pay attention, neither external training, nor House, injection technology management level has been in a very backward state, the lack of technology / innovation management capability; these companies blindly pursue "savings", reluctant to spend the money to spend, this control is not control, do not pay attention to control the mold, injection molding the production process in a variety of waste, production waste is very alarming, resulting in corporate profits increasingly meager; not adapt to changes in modern injection molding business environment - in the face of soaring prices of plastic raw materials, recruitment difficulties, labor costs continue to increase, processing prices, continuously improve customer requirements, the dollar, the competition of the new labor law, the cancellation of export tax rebate policy and industry increasingly intense environment, "maintaining the status quo," the market was eventually brutally eliminated .

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