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                The basic base part of the popularity of mold
                Time2016/3/11 8:56:18

                   Mold mainly consists of four parts: the punch holder and lower mold base, guide posts, guide sleeve.

                    Mold base. Are standard parts, steel production needs to choose the right according to its physical properties, stiffness, deformation coefficient required.

                    1, Mold base shape into round and rectangular.

                    2, With the mold base Shank. Under the circumstances, punch, manufacturing one or several specifications of the universal module handle, and then press the parts case made out of convex and concave mold.

                    General punching, blanking, bending, simple drawing, school type, etc., can use this method. Commonly used in small quantities and varieties of stamping parts production.

                    Guide post and guide sleeve. Travel guide is to guide the mold member.

                    1. Standard mold processing equipment, mainly milling, grinding, drilling. Milling machines, grinding machine six bright side to the required size. The mold rack precision drill hole less demanding: as screw holes, rings hole drilling, tapping. A standard mold basic requirement is the need for a smooth mold. Mold smoothly or not, and precision guide post holes 4, is directly related. So under normal circumstances need to use CNC vertical machining center for drilling and boring quickly, in order to achieve precision.

                    2. Non-standard mold base is the basis of the above on standardized mold, then finishing. Here, the finishing means in addition to the four guide post holes, the other a mold cavity required (mask), fine positioning, lock module, water (heating / cooling fluid passage), and so top marks . So that the mold maker can be mounted directly on its machined mold core (core), you can tryout and plastic products.

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