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                Injection mold poor exhaust reason
                Time2016/3/23 11:06:22

                1. Injection mold often produces a gas, which is generated by what?
                    (1) Gating system and mold cavity in there air.
                    (2) Not dried feedstock contains some moisture excluded, as they are gasified at a high temperature steam.
                    (3) Since the injection molding temperature is too high, some properties of the plastic instability will decompose to generate gas.
                    (4) Certain additives in plastic material to each other or volatile chemical reaction gases.
                2. While the exhaust poor poor reason, also need to find out as soon as possible. Injection molding exhaust will give poor quality plastic parts and many other aspects bring a range of hazards. Mainly as follows:
                    (1) During injection of melt will replace the cavity in the gas, if the gas is not discharged in time will cause difficulties in filling the melt, resulting in insufficient injection amount can not be filled cavity.
                    (2) Exclusion of poor gas will form a high pressure in the cavity, and in a certain degree of compression penetrate to the interior of the plastic, resulting in voids, pores, sparse organization and crazing and other defects.
                    (3) Because the gas is highly compressed, so that a sharp rise in the temperature of the cavity, thereby causing the surrounding melt decomposition, burning, plastic parts and partial carbonization burning phenomenon. It mainly occurred in the two strands of the melt at the confluence of the gate at the flange.
                    (4)Exclude poor gas, so that the speed of the melt into the cavity of each is different, so easy to form flow marks and weld marks, and to reduce the mechanical properties of plastic parts.
                    (5) Due to obstruct cavity gas will reduce the filling velocity, cycle time, reduce the tax efficiency.
                3. Distribution of plastic parts 3 bubbles.
                    (1) air bubbles accumulated in the cavity produced, often located on a site opposite the gate.
                    (2) plastic material decomposition or chemical reaction produces bubbles are distributed along the thickness of plastic parts.
                    (3) plastic material produced by gasification of residual water bubbles are irregularly distributed throughout the plastic parts.

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