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                The importance of good control mold finishing
                Time2016/3/29 9:19:24

                     Mold is composed of many parts of the group formed, part quality directly affects the quality of the mold and the final quality of the parts to complete the turn, finishing guarantee, so to say control the finishing stake.
                     The method is generally used in the finishing stages of grinding, EDM processing and fitter. At this stage to control the part deformation, stress, shape tolerances and dimensional accuracy, and many other technical parameters, in particular the production practice, the operation more difficult, but there are many effective methods of experience is worth learning.
                     Mold finishing process control.
                     Machining mold parts, a general guiding principle for different materials, different shapes, different technical requirements for adaptive processing, it has a certain plasticity, it can be processed by the control, to achieve good processing results.
                     Depending on the external shape of parts, the parts can be broadly divided into three categories: shaft, panels and shaped parts, the common process is roughly: roughing - heat treatment (hardening, quenching) - grinding - power processing - fitter (surface treatment) -group with processing.

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