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                Heat treatment processing approach using precision complex molds
                Time2016/3/31 10:36:41

                    In the heat treatment mold, there is no shortage of precision complex mold, so we need to process those who have the right approach.
                     1. Reasonable material selection. Density complex mold to choose good quality micro-deformation of steel abrasives, carbide segregation serious for abrasive steel forging and quenching and tempering treatment, can not be forged or larger abrasive steel double refined solution heat treatment.
                     2. The mold design must be reasonable, symmetrical shape, for larger master mold deformation law, reserve allowance, large and sophisticated molds can be combined structure.
                     3. Such mold to pre-heat treatment.
                     4. Reasonable choice and control the temperature of the heating temperature can be taken to slow heating, pre-heating and other heating balanced approach to reduce the mold heat deformation.
                     5. Conditions permit, as far as possible the use of cryogenic treatment and quenching by vacuum heating after quenching.
                     Besides the correct heat treatment processing operations and reasonable heat treatment process is also limited measures to reduce sophisticated mold deformation.
                      In the heat treatment processing there is no shortage of precision complex, so we need to have the correct method for processors.


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