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                Stamping mould processing in common fault
                Time2016/4/20 8:46:07

                    Stamping molding production quantities of parts is one of the practical processes. Stamping die failure is the most prone to problems, often resulting in shutdown, the impact of the production cycle. Thus, the mould must be found as soon as possible cause of the malfunction, reasonable maintenance.
                    1 Mould damage
                    Mould damage refers to mould cracking, breaking, etc. open up, deal with the problem of mould damage, it is necessary to find the reasons from the mould design, manufacturing processes and the use of moulds. If foreign bodies into the mould, overlapping parts, waste obstruction without timely treatment, inheritance processing, it is easy to mould damage blanking plate, punch down the template and guide posts.     Design of high spring force is too small or do not set high, can make spring break, blanking plate tilted cause overlapping washed up, damaged parts. If mould damage quenching temperature is too high, quenching methods, and time is not fair, as well as between the tempering temperature and frequency, elbow inappropriate choice, will lead into the mould after stamping production. Punch or improper screw fixing strength is not enough. Will lead the punch dropped or broken. Working height adjustment is too low, insufficient lubrication of the guide post. Typically, the heat treatment process mould material to its influence. Blanking aperture size or depth of the design is not enough, easy to make slots obstruction, causing damage blanking plate. When the use of moulds, parts, directions and other installation errors or bad bolt.
                    2 Card mould
                    Main cause of cards mould: mould guide is not correct, tilt. Otherwise, the fault will be expanded, leading to mould damage. Deformation caused by mould, such as mould base, hardness template design thickness is too small, easily deformed by external impact; not allowed to install mould position, the upper and lower mould positioning error tolerance. At this time should progress punch strength, and enhance the protection of the discharge guide plate.
                    Accuracy or bad press, so that the mould to produce interference; punch strength is not enough, the size of the ram position too close to the mould lateral force imbalance. Stamping process, once the mould clamping is not flexible, even stuck, it must immediately produce rest, find the reason for the card mode, troubleshooting.
                    3 Mould damage and repair
                    Stamping production capability of the die. Usually mould cost accounts for 1/5-1/4 of the total capital, a quarter of fabrication. One-time repair capability by more than 70% of the die the original cost, or die life is near.   When the mold repair technology is too complex, modulus measurements is too large, difficult will surely make the maintenance cycle is too long, serious affect the normal produce stamping, should choose failure scrapped in advance, to manufacture of moulds. In general.    After the mould damage, as well as a selection of repair and scrap topic. but. Therefore, timely maintenance moulds and prevents mould damage, can greatly reduce the cost of stamping dies. When the mould is severe damage to the hub member, sometimes convex, concave die also damaged. This is because; in addition die manufacturing is difficult, costly outside. Stamping die an unnatural wear failure, such as damage to non-hub parts.
                    Under normal circumstances, the main failure mode of stamping dies of excessive wear. New mould delivery. Until punched parts burr exceeded, part size and geometric precision ultra-poor, but not longer mould repair or no repair value, the mould can only be scrapped. Failure to use the new mould into scrap.

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