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                       Qingdao Juxing Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd. was established in1995 in the beautiful Jiaozhou bay.

                       Juxing Mould has been professionally engaged in diversified die & mould developing, designing, manufacturing more than ten in the last years, and especially paying great attention to in the plate sheet and film extruding moulds, injection moulds and die-casting mould. Based on many years of practical experience, we have been successful in developing and manufacturing all kinds of mono-layer & multiplayer extruding flat moulds, single, double or three colors of spinneret distributing and many kinds of filter changer and so on.

                       With forced technical abundant, the company has large number engaged professionals in mould manufacturing industry. With the big CNC, mould engraving machine, numerically controlled discharge machine, EDM machine, facilities, advanced equipment.

                       We are in a long period cooperating with many factories of extruding machinery & board secondary machinery, are insisting on good quality, and win the support and trust of our customers. With more confidence and with considerate & perfect service, today's Juxing will do our best to win the recognition of more customers. Welcome you to be the new friends of Juxing!





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