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                Product name:Three-in-one Mat
                Product number:
                Product categories:injection products
                Product features:Waterproof, dust, non-slip mats

                    Three-in-one mat using environmental protection of the vinyl polymer (EVA) engineering plastic block type design, combination, unlimited, installation disassembly is very convenient, and easy to maintain and clean. High quality brush, grass, pointed, the shovel, strong lodging resistance; do not fade, corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet, wear-resisting, long service life.
                    Now, more and more people realize that to ensure the indoor cleaning, vestibular dust removal function is indispensable.
                Developed countries in Europe and the usage of this kind of new products has reached more than 90%, with a waterproof dust anti-skid protection indoor cleaning and hygiene, and other functions, can also be used as winter snow removal pads hallway.


                Specification: 150*150*20mm
                Performance: using imported polymer materials of environmental protection EVA and PA6 nylon brush. Cold resistant, high temperature resistant can be used normally in the range -30-70℃.
                Effect: Have the waterproof, dust removal, anti-skid protection indoor cleaning and hygiene, and other functions. It can be used as winter snow foyer pad use.
                Apply to: Hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, museums, hospitals, metro, family door of import and export, and indoor and outdoor corridor.
                Product connection mode: block connections
                Product installation method: directly on the ground or grooves. Plate convex tooth connection concave ring, according to the size requirements of different places, set free. After the plate is installed, and then loaded on the hypotenuse and bevel around.
                Features: Any combination of three ways, stitching convenient; local damage can replace them alone; easy cleaning.
                Cleaning method:
                Rinse with water, or vacuum cleaners in the mat surface dust, can choose neutral detergent to clean, do not use strong alkali or volatile solvent.
                A. Don't use dry cleaning agent and other solvents to clean.
                B. Don't use strong alkaline solution to clean.
                C. Don't use cleaning solvents, such as gasoline or diesel.

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