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                Product name:Outdoor Display EFES logo
                Product number:sl-001
                Product categories:Plastic Prodcuts
                Product features:Outdoor Display

                Material: ABS.

                Use:Outdoor display.

                Flow-process Diagram


                We need your detail require clearly.


                Material, cavity, price, delivery time, payment term ,etc.

                Place order

                According your own design or choose our design.

                Mould design

                We will communicate & exchange the opinion with you during making drawing.

                Tooling mould

                After customers approve the mould design will start making mould.

                Mould process

                Provide photos for customer show them tooling process.

                Mold testing

                Mold testing

                Sample confirm

                Send the samples to our client's confirmation. If not satisfied by customer, modify mold.

                Delivery mould

                Qualified samples after, arrange the shipment.

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